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"extra furniture"(normally a part of the shelf compstion) 


candlelight modul- perspective

Blomsterpotte ovenifra_web

candlelight modul-topview


Flowerpot section-detail

Dystopic scifi_web

Dystopic futurism concept

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Utopian futurism concept

Modular concept_web

60s Modular concept


Main concept: A multi function wall making a homage to your cd collection with a cover display(“2025 hipster”), but also contain storage for  books, plants and party furniture.

The room:The client has a 3 room apartment under rehabilitation, the new solution is thoroughly inspired by 1960 futurism and will use a wall that is 2600x6000mm, the solution will have a great impact on the room.

The base: Take inspiration from modular furniture, utopian and dystopical futurism, and make av comprehensive solution with the help of modern production techniques. The compact living movement, and the focus on pushing suprisingly many functions together without comprosing on the feeling of cleanness.